Time-Lapse Videos

Final positioning
over the footings

(42 sec)

Move across the adjacent
back yards

(36 sec)

Preliminary move off the foundation to the back of
812 Randall
(24 sec)

Pouring the footings at 831 Maple
(44 sec)

We have been taking lots of pictures as we go along. We hope that the following galleries will give you a glimps of the project and what we've been up to.

Gallery 5 (September 13, 2008) - Photos of Interior demo to determine window size, proportion and placement

Gallery 4 (April 29, 2008) - Photos of preparing the footings

Gallery 3 (April 16, 2008) - Photos of preparing for the move. The east wing and front porch are removed and the undercarriage is prepared for lifting the house. Meanwhile, excavation for the new foundation is completed.

Gallery 2 - Here are a few shots of the house, with particular focus on some interior details like the log joists in the basement, and the post and beam construction in the attic.

Gallery 1 - The day we took off the aluminum siding was exciting. We discovered that the original siding was in pretty fair shape overall. We also found a door that had been sealed up in the back wall, leading us to dig deeper into the original floorplan.








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